SaveGarde : Security at a Glance


Welcome to SaveGarde, provider of the world's most accurate Iris Recognition camera system and certified partner of Irisguard.

The SaveGarde team has a long record in safety and security: ensuring secure environments while creating and preserving a humane atmosphere.

Together with our partners and system integrators, we deliver, deploy and operate Iris Based Recognition and Identification systems for:

  • Airports;
  • Homeland Security;
  • Banks (Security and ATMs);
  • Access Control;
  • Quality Control in Medical Manufacturing and Healthcare;
  • Quality Control in Production
Award-winning IrisGuard Technology:

"The IrisGuard IG-AD100® ... the first devices tested under IBG’s cross- comparative methodology to achieve perfect transactional matching error rates ( 0.00% T- FMR and 0.00% T- FNMR)." International Biometric Group – 2009 Report

The world's largest Iris Recognition system and iris database breaking all performance records…
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